ENDORSEMENT: Tom Homan – Former Acting Director of ICE

I am endorsing Jarome Bell, former Chief Petty Officer (U.S. Navy – Ret.) for Congress from Virginia’s second congressional district.   After serving as Acting Director of ICE in the Trump Administration at the Department of Homeland Security, I have continued to watch our nation’s progress and direction closely.  I remain very concerned about our nation’s leadership and policies.

As someone who spent 35 years in law enforcement, I recognize the value of Jarome Bell’s years of service with the FBI, followed by his 27 years in the U.S. Navy.  I appreciate Chief Bell’s strong support for the integrity of our nation and its borders and the need to keep our people safe from international threats.  I appreciate his support for the men and women who serve their communities as law enforcement officers who put themselves in danger every day to protect our people.  I live in Virginia and care about the future of this state.  I am confident that we will be safer with Chief Bell representing Virginia in the U.S. Congress.

While I have often served in positions without partisanship, unfortunately, it is clear that the current leadership in Congress and the White House are not pursuing policies that will protect our nation and its citizens.   The make-up of Congress is currently 212 Republicans and 220 Democrats with three vacancies.  There will be special elections this November in Florida and Ohio.  I can only conclude that Republicans must win at least 11 seats in Congress to stop our nation’s domestic and border law enforcement from continuing in the wrong direction.  I am impressed by Chief Bell, his experience, and his abilities.  I believe that he can retake the seat from Virginia Beach, which Democrats won in 2018.  In 2016, the Republicans won the district by 61.3% to 38.5%.

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