Congress shouldn’t make one move that doesn’t put America’s interests above the interests of the rest of the world. 

Whether it’s sending our military men and women to fight wars around the globe, or sending foreign aid to terror-friendly nations, Congress has failed to put America first. 

Congress’s interventionist foreign policy globally has failed the American people. 

I’ll fight every day to make sure the interests of American citizens are always put first. 

Law and Order: BACK THE BLUE

I served in the Navy. We understand law and order. 

Violent leftists are targeting law enforcement officers, destroying property and threatening Americans’ safety. 

They have no place in society, and should be apprehended and tried as domestic terrorists.

I will always stand proudly with our law enforcement officers and defend the rule of law.


Unlike many Republicans who run and hide when it’s time to fight, I will stand with President Trump in his effort to fund and build the border wall. 

The wall is the number one issue of our time. Accordingly, all options are on the table to get it done, including reallocating funds from cities that openly disobey the law by becoming “Sanctuary Cities” toward wall funding. 

Building the wall on our southern border is one of my top priorities. 


For decades, the Democrat Party has abused the very communities they claim to represent.

They’ve worked hard to keep minorities and the poor dependent on the government, neglected the needs of blacks and the poor, and have worked to keep them down in order to use them as pawns to protect their own political power. 

These forgotten communities, like in Tidewater’s Democrat Ghettos, have paid dearly for the federal government’s failed policies — whether it’s herding the poor into housing projects, or destroying the nuclear family — it’s time minorities escape the government matrix once and for all. 

I will work to create opportunities to break these chains so ALL Americans can thrive and prosper. 


Gun confiscation won’t happen on my watch.

Restricting the gun rights of law abiding citizens has had a disastrous impact on cities like Chicago, and it won’t work here. Guns save lives. Still, Democrat brass are out to eliminate our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. They’re getting more extreme by the week.

I will defend our Second Amendment rights by fighting to remove unconstitutional restrictions already on the books and opposing all efforts to infringe on our right to bear arms.

Gun Control in the United States is Jim Crow, plain and simple. These laws were called “Black Codes.”

The gun control regulations on the books right now across our nation were passed into law right about the time the slaves were freed — in the early 1870s.

Why? Because they didn’t want armed blacks. Armed Freed men.

After 150 years of struggle, we’ve come a long, long way.

And now here in Virginia we have a Governor who pushes for infanticide for, in the words of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, “the kinds of people we don’t want to have too many of”. MEMO to Democrats — she meant BLACKS.

And this SAME Governor — wears BLACK FACE or a KLAN HOOD. We can’t be sure which.

And this racist governor and his racist Democrat henchmen in the General Assembly have the nerve to come at us blacks pushing gun control and more infanticide.

All Americans have the right to life. And All Americans have the right to protect our lives how we see fit.

We as a FREE PEOPLE have the inalienable right from GOD enshrined in the Constitution to protect ourselves as we see fit.

Gun Control in Virginia by our BlackFace governor won’t just mean eventual enslaving of blacks, but also for whites who don’t bow down to government as well.

Governor Northam — Let me be tell you: we are NOT going to ask y’all for permission.


Legal immigration reform is needed now – Americans need to be first for jobs and education – the H1B, F1 – OPT, and H 4EAD programs need to be suspended – U.S. citizens rather than temporary foreign workers need to be employed for our nation’s safety, security, and economic growth and stability. 

Illegal immigration and refugee resettlement threaten America’s security, and economy — not to mention illegals rob jobs from the working class and younger workers new to the workforce. 

We need an illegal alien crackdown. All illegal aliens should be turned over to ICE for deportation, and every illegal alien arrested should be deported – no questions asked. 

It is a crime to aid or abbet illegal aliens. I’ll work to criminalize all Sanctuary city officials.  Needless to say, I oppose all forms of amnesty — no matter what pressure the establishment brings to bear.


Education should be taken out of the hands of the federal government and given back to the states — and the parents — where it belongs. Empowering Virginia’s parents who choose to homeschool their children is a top focus. It is paramount that the rights of homeschooling parents and students be protected by both Richmond and D.C.

We must end Common Core immediately, and parents should have the ability to send their children to the school they determine to be best for their child. School choice must be a top priority. We must make access to learning a trade and gaining vocational skills just as readily available to students as algebra or Spanish or other college track coursework. 


President Trump’s historic win in 2016 set off unhinged leftists mobs like Antifa and other communist and fascist thug organizations. Their riots, property destruction and physical violence are putting our homes, families, private property — and even lives — at risk. 

ANTIFA’s Barbarism Must End NOW. 

The last two years our economy has surged strongly under the leadership of the president. Instead of rioting and setting things on fire, these far left domestic terrorists need to get with the program. 


Life begins at conception, period. 

We must protect every life from the moment of conception until natural death. 

In Congress, I will work to defund Planned Parenthood entirely and fight to restrict abortion at every opportunity. 


Tidewater Virginia has been one of the best regions in America for business and job growth, but after decades of liberal policies, we continue to lose thousands of jobs to other states — jobs Virginia desperately needs. 

Big government liberal policies have failed Tidewater. It’s time to get serious about tackling this problem head on.

In Congress, I will oppose the job-killing big government policies that have plagued our state for decades and will fight to lower taxes, reduce the size of government and pass legislation that creates economic opportunities that will allow the citizens of Tidewater to unleash our potential. 


Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our republic. 

Despite this, we’ve seen many elections tainted by fraud of late — and the Democrats are leading the charge. 

Voting by non-citizens, ballot harvesting, absentee ballot fraud and outright identify theft. These deliberate acts of fraud undermine Americans’ trust in what should be one of our most trusted institutions. We must put an end to it.

In Congress, I will be a strong supporter of Voter ID laws and encourage and support legislation to protect our elections to make sure no one is able to interfere in our elections. 


Our military stands in need of a great rebuilding.

The Obama era decimated every branch of our Defense Department. I stand ready to advocate for every Sailor, Soldier, Marine, Airman, and Guardsman to rebuild our Military to its once legendary status.


This statues of black civil war veterans and statues of white confederate soldiers should be side by side facing each other because that is history.

But our Black history has been whitewashed by communists.

This history is never taught in schools because it doesn’t fit the mainstream’s “North vs. South” narrative.

The young black men of the Civil War escaped slavery and the Democrats’ Black Laws and were able to own guns and fight for their freedom.Confederate and Robert E. Lee statues should not be torn down.None of our shared history should be hidden or replaced, no matter how good or bad it is.No city or state should tear down one group’s statues just because someone’s feelings are hurt.We should, however, build statues in order to tell the complete story.All Americans should love history. Black American history should not be left out, and white American history should not be silenced or destroyed.We are ONE AMERICA, with ALL our history.