Navy Veteran Jarome Bell Announces Run for Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District

Virginia Beach, VA – Twenty-seven year Navy Veteran and Conservative Republican Jarome Bell announced his candidacy for Virginia’s Second U.S. House district today.

“I’ve dedicated my life to a career of service in the Navy, and now I’m running for office because Virginia needs someone who will actually go fight our enemies along side President Trump rather than taking a back seat like so many of our prior representatives have,” Bell opened.

Touting himself as an America-First conservative Republican, Bell retired as a Chief Petty Officer from the U.S. Navy after twenty-seven years of service.

“I’m running to help Donald Trump build the wall, end the seemingly never-ending foreign wars, and continue strengthening our military,” Bell added, “but it’s bigger than just those issues.”

“Both the Republican and Democrat Parties have failed middle class working Americans, and they’ve failed all voters — black, white, hispanic and asian — by putting their interests after the interests of illegal immigrants,” Bell said.

“My campaign will fight ruthlessly to put ALL Americans’ interests ahead of illegal immigrants,” Bell said. “Not only that, we will unashamedly fight for the right of the unborn, and the right to keep and bear arms,” he said.

“We are at a crucial juncture in history,” Bell added. “We’ve got enemies within our own government determined to wrest control from a duly elected President, and we’ve got one party thinking of siding with the communist elements in our midst and both parties working closely with globalist titans of industry to replace the American worker,” Bell explained. “Now is not the time for another sell-out, washed-up, failed politician.”

Jarome Bell is a conservative, a Navy veteran, and a high school football coach running for U.S. House in Virginia’s second congressional district. Please send press inquiries to [email protected]

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