Navy Veteran Jarome Bell Blasts Luria for Unconstitutional Impeachment Vote, Calls it a Coup

Navy Veteran Jarome Bell Blasts Luria for Unconstitutional Impeachment Vote, Calls it a Coup

Virginia Beach, VA – Twenty-seven year Navy Veteran and Conservative Republican Jarome Bell launched a vigorous broadside against the freshman Democrat who defeated Scott Taylor in 2018, Elaine Luria.

“It is a joke that Elaine Luria cites the U.S. Constitution in her announcement to vote to impeach President Trump,” Bell opened. “If voting to impeach a lawfully elected President based on the mad ravings of a Democrat party run by communists is now constitutional, words simply have no meaning anymore.”

Bell went on to blast the constitutional grounds Democrats hold as their rationale for impeachment.

“Luria is picking and choosing when she wants to uphold her oath and follow US Constitution,” Bell said. “I took the same oath she took, and there is no constitutional provision that justifies a vote to impeach.”

Bell highlighted the Democrat habit of running roughshod over the Bill of Rights, particularly when it comes to gun rights and the illegal search and seizure using Red Flag Laws.

“Elaine Luria ignores the constitution when it’s convenient for her — when she wants to disarm her political opponents, or when she wants the government to have the ability to raid and abscond with weapons belonging to law-abiding citizen,” he said.

“Ms. Luria should actually go read the constitution. Specifically she should look up amendments two and four in the Bill of Rights,” Bell challenged.

“These so-called ‘national security’ Democrats, if they end up voting for this impeachment, are engaged in nothing less than a coup against the duly elected President of the United States,” Bell said.

“While liberal media hurries to vaunt the so-called ‘national security’ credentials of these leftist elected officials, whose seats were bought with massive amounts of far-left donor cash, Americans are forced to sit through yet another made-up charade scheduled for the holidays,” Bell explained. “It’s almost as if they don’t want us to be engaged with the system.”

“I challenge Rep. Luria to cite which part of the constitution she’s protecting and her justification for her vote to impeach,” Bell launched. “The media won’t ask Luria that question, but I will. It’s just not there,” he said.

Jarome Bell is a conservative, a Navy veteran, and a high school football coach running for U.S. House in Virginia’s second congressional district. Please send press inquiries to [email protected]

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